There’s something about a speaker who shows up full-tilt, in whatever their style, that captivates our attention. Maybe it’s because we spend our lives so conscious of ourselves — how we look, what we are doing and saying — that when someone is willing to look ridiculous or “too much” (whether it’s too much energy or too much intellectualism or too much whatever), it’s refreshing.

This is what happens when we fully surrender on stage. We show up with all we’ve got, willing to say and do what feels right in connection with this audience. When we lose ourselves in our delivery while staying deeply connected with the audience, our impact as a speaker is multiplied.

In this video on how to surrender on stage, I share with you how to tap into this place, including:

  • Connect your heart with their heart
  • “Manage” your anxiety
  • Forget yourself

Surrendered speaking is where the joy and magic live. It’s why I love being on stage or in front of a room of people, because the connection and synergy is beyond words. I want this for you. This video will help you find your own surrendered speaking experience.

For more on how to surrender on stage, listen to Episode 77 of my Brilliance at Work podcast — Surrendered Speaking

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