The romance between you and your audience is the magic

behind powerful, high-impact speaking.

Yes, romance.

This is about love, connection, deep care and the highest regard and desire.

Think about the last time you fell in love. I mean, fell. Hard.

I bet somewhere early on, there was a longer gaze, some serious eye contact communication. That extra few seconds that makes the person on the other end think, “hmmm… what was that…mmm?”

I bet there were some long days… nights… of learning, discovery, digging deep – maybe staying up late into the night saturating yourself in stories and learning. A mesmerizing enmeshment of your desire with their needs, wants.

From this place of heart-driven inquiry and visceral attraction to their stories and dreams, your connection grows. You offer support, ideas – give them the very best you have in service of their even better life.

In turn, they adore you.

They appreciate your honest and powerful desire to serve them and their dreams. They soak up your contribution to their lives. They want more of you (of course, you can’t get enough of them either.)

Now, think of the last time you were absolutely mesmerized by a speaker.

Like, literally, you lost track of time and where you were.

Isn’t it like a small love affair? Right. I know.

Your audience knows when you really “get them.” The only way to “get them” in this way that makes them feel utterly adored, respected and loved – where in turn, they will give you their undivided, heart-in-the-eyes attention – is to…

Dig deep in their wants and needs.

To stay up late into the night trying to understand what keeps them up these late hours, too. Research, ask tons of questions. Dive into the waters of their life, understand their oxygen. Then, with absolute heart and soul, commit to serving them in the ways that will matter to them most. Give them everything you’ve got.

Make every singe thing you say, do and feel about them. Every minute of your talk.

They’ll love you. Every time.

(It’s safe love – because you love them that much, too.)