motorcycle iboy daniel on flickrThe time has come to finally leap squarely – brazenly – into my new brand! I am so excited to finally be implementing in my own business the very thing I work so hard to create for my clients: a powerful brand that reflects my passion and soul.

Side Door Branding

One could ask themselves how I could have had a brand that did not do this from the beginning. After all, this is precisely what I get paid to do with others!

My only answer is this: I was afraid and I lacked clarity. (Gasp!)  When I finally officially started this business about two years ago after many years of doing pieces and parts of this work in various forms – and after dreaming all along about creating a business just like this – I came in the side door. I thought I would do this “part-time” while teaching at the college and taking care of our very young daughters. I rushed through the branding process, thinking that the services I offered were the really important element of my business. I knew branding mattered and I invested in quality design and marketing materials accordingly, but I just didn't know how much the actual look and feel of the brand would matter, for my business building – and equally importantly, to ME.

It's NOT About Eloquence

Slowly, comments from others as well as my own feelings of incongruity began to emerge. “Your brand is so beautiful!” they'd say, and while I loved hearing that they were noticing my brand in a positive way, it just didn't sound right to me. I like beauty at least as much as the next person, but what I really believe in is powerful, authentic, soul-revealing communication used in business to attract your best clients. It just wasn't quite getting there with the “beautiful” thing. Then people began referring to me as “the eloquent speaker” and making other very complimentary remarks about my eloquence – but all comments about their own communication were decidedly NOT about being eloquent. “I don't want Eloquence per se, I just want it to sound really good so people want to buy my stuff.” Um, light bulb moment! My clients aren't looking for eloquence. In fact, that feels lofty and too fancy.

It's About Powerful Soulful Business

So, what are my clients looking for? They are looking for a successful business built around their passion and strengths. They want self-expression inside of their business so that they are making the most powerful Contribution in the world that is possible for them. They want to be fully themselves inside of their businesses and mix that style with the language and offering that truly magnetizes their clients and customers to their door. This is a courageous way to do business, this soul-bearing approach. It takes bold, audacious risk – and has huge payoff in satisfaction and financial reward, if you really hone in on your true market.

This is only possible if you are a Brazen Soul.

And thus, here we go… Join me at my new (temporary) web home and let's carry on our conversation over there, where the place is currently being decorated much more to our tastes, yours and mine.

Image thanks to iboy daniel on flickr.