My Rooftop Message Revealed (and how to know which rooftop message to share)

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Give me a rooftop and THIS is what I would want to shout from it. Click play on the video above.

In fact, I have a few messages I'd shout from the rooftop, given the right audience below. In this video, I share a few of the other things I'd get on the proverbial rooftop about. Then I cover how to know which “rooftop message” to take a stand for in your work (hint: we choose the “streets” of our village).

If you have a message and a story you want to shout from the rooftops, we'd love to have you join us in The Rooftop Message Collective free facebook group. This is where we gather to share resources, ideas and support for high-impact speaking, writing and otherwise serving others by sharing our stories and our hard-earned life lessons and expertise. Click here to join – we'd love to have you!