Ep #101: Own Your Voice with Rhonda Khan

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There is so much flux in the speaking industry right now as all live events are canceled. We are in the middle of a huge transition.

Back in March, I had a moment of deep realization around just how much this pandemic was going to impact the speaking industry. And since I teach people to be comfortable and confident on stage…what was this going to mean for my client and my business?

Then I realized that, of course, people weren't going to stop speaking. They were simply going to adapt to deliver their message differently. We have brilliant ways of sharing our messages virtually, from the comfort and safety of our homes! It was just a matter of shifting toward doing this better and making it more engaging and impactful.

There is a whole lot of good going on in the speaking industry, actually — especially for thought leadership speakers! It’s just different right now and we are on a big learning curve.

That’s why I’m delighted to share with you this podcast episode where I had the honor of talking shop with a fellow speaking coach, Rhonda Khan of Simply Speech Solutions.

Rhonda started out as a speech language pathologist and was a professional actor for over a decade before founding her company. Her mission goes beyond helping her clients be better public speakers—she wants to transform their lives by helping them become powerful communicators.

I love this so much because that is what I believe in, too!

When you learn to step into your message and your voice, and begin to use that more and more, it has a tremendous impact on the audience and on your ability to serve and it also transforms your life.

We had a fun conversation about what the changes in the speaking world look like and what Rhonda is specifically seeing with her clients. She shares some valuable insights around speaking overall and specifically what’s working well in virtual conferences.

This conversation is just rich on so many levels. It's not very often that I get to sit down with another speaking coach…I enjoyed it immensely and I think you will too!

About Rhonda Khan:

Rhonda Khan is a public speaking coach, speech therapist, speaker, and solo performer that specializes in empowering women. As the founder of Simply Speech Solutions, Rhonda gives women the tools to amplify their voices, move through fear, and own the room.

A self-identified awkward extrovert, Rhonda's intuitive and energetic approach has ignited her clients to score multiple speaking engagements, deliver winning pitches, advance in their careers, and publish and promote bestselling books. Rhonda and her clients have transformed rooms at Google, CNN, LinkedIn, PayPal, NASA to name a few.

In addition to her coaching work, Rhonda is the writer and performer of the one-woman show FOOD, that chronicles her journey to finding peace with food, her body, and herself. When she’s not coaching, speaking or performing, she’s spending time with her husband and three-nager in Brooklyn.

What You’ll Learn from this “Owning Your Voice” Episode:

  • The psychology and possibility behind transforming from anxious to confident public speaker (Spoiler Alert: It's about finding and owning your authentic voice!)
  • How to transition from live events to virtual presentations
  • Practical strategies and tips to create online presentations more effectively
  • Bringing the same energy and contribution to a virtual presentation that you do to a live event
  • Really good ideas for how to be even more engaging and creative than you can be in a live event

Listen to the Full “Owning Your Voice” Episode

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