People Want More Peaceful Business Networking Feelings

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What would it take for you to get up, ready and out the door to attend a totally optional business education session at 7:30 in the morning?

You'd have to be pretty motivated, right?

Two weeks ago, I facilitated a Business Success Program session for the Bend Chamber of Commerce called Networking with Impact & Ease. Shockingly, sixty-five people showed up for this 7:30am session, in spite of their alternative delicious option to sleep in a bit longer or have just one more cup of coffee in their robes at home.

Not only did these 65 people rally to their cars that brisk, still-dark October morning – they participated their hearts out in our session.

Why would this many people in our somewhat “small town” area go to so much trouble to be in that room that morning?

Because networking freaks people out. Networking of the fancy, businessy kind is so daunting to so many people that the promise of some ease around the topic – and effectiveness, too! – is just too good to pass up.

I'm excited to share excerpts of that talk with you via video as soon as I get that video clipped and edited into useful bits. In the meantime, I'm just really curious – how do you feel about “Networking”? What comes up for you when you think about going to an official business networking event? And where else do you “network” that may not be a traditional networking venue?