Ep 127: From Personal Insight to Powerful Message with Angela Mascenik

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People are wired to pursue things that make them feel pleasure and help them to manage pain. Sometimes, this plays out in positive ways. Other times, this desire to avoid our feelings manifests in buffering activities like overdrinking and overeating.

My guest today is Angela Mascenik, the founder of the Stop Over-drinking and Start Living podcast and a life coach with a focus on helping professionals stop overdrinking to deal with their daily anxieties. Angela knows the pain of a life of over-drinking and overeating and through life coaching, she has dropped the weight permanently, quit drinking, and hasn't looked back.

We can become addicted to anything that makes us feel better, including negative thinking (ironically). Angela and I discuss our journeys to alcohol-free living and how understanding and managing our minds helps us with this.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

✨ How humans are wired to search out pleasure and avoid pain.
✨ The path from Angela’s personal insight to her thought leadership message.
✨ Why it is important to recognize our feelings and learn how to deal with them.
✨ How to change your relationship with drinking.
✨ How this message went from a passion to a thriving business (and how you can do that, too!)

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