There is a magic place inside of your presentation where immense desire dances with urgent need.

When you discover this place, excitement builds. The world around slips away and everyone is riveted, mesmerized, desperately seeking more, more, more… faster, faster, faster. When you play in this place, everything is possible and nothing else matters. Rationality falls away and clear thinking gets cast aside for the pure ecstasy of the dance. It is your ticket to the satisfaction you and your audience seek.

The way to this secret place is absolute and total focus on your audience.

You must know every curve of their wants and needs. You must explore their mind and heart with reckless abandon, willing to learn anything that is true for them as it relates to your offering. Your focus is all on them – their pleasure, their satisfaction.

When you find this secret place, you, too will find your own satisfaction.

It is here that you will feel your audience respond with abandon, opening to your message in ways you have never experienced. It is here in this fertile spot where your passion-driven message fulfills their great desire. When you find this spot and give it every ounce of energy, attention and love you've got, get ready for amazing things to happen.

This sultry secret spot is your Presentation G-spot Sweet Spot.

It is the magic place where your passionate message meets your audiences deep desire. It is worth the exploration for the magic. Trust me.

Thank you, Randy Son of Robert, for the glorious orchid image.