Ep #90: The Quadpod of Magnetic Marketing

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I see you.

I get you.

I know what you want.

I can help…

There is not a client day that goes by where I don’t repeat these four essentials of magnetic marketing at least once—in fact, very often it comes up with every single client. It’s because these four essentials are truly magic. 

In this podcast episode, I’m breaking it down and giving you the quadpod of magnetic marketing one at a time so you can see how to apply them to your own work. I’ll share what each essential element means and tangible examples you can take and implement into your business so that your own marketing calls the name of your ideal clients and audience. 

To make this actionable in your own business, I also share helpful questions to ask yourself as you craft your marketing messages. Tune in today to find out more about the Quadpod of Client Magnetism!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What the four marketing essentials are that make of the Quadpod of Magnetic Marketing
  • How you can create more magnetic marketing by applying these four marketing essentials.
  • The importance of reconnecting with your ideal audience member drawing (including an exercise to support you with this)
  • Tangible steps to let people know you can help them, and how to relay that message in a way that lets them know you care
  • Specific ways to create more resonance and connection in your marketing and why this is so important

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Full “Magnetic Marketing” Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Brilliance At Work Podcast where we shine a light on where great work, charisma and growing a thriving business you love really comes from, I'm Michelle Barry Franco. I've been a speaking of Thought Leadership coach for more than a decade from TEDx stages to world famous conferences and I've helped some of the most beloved business leaders grow their businesses and serve in the biggest way possible through their business and through their Thought Leadership. I love that. I get to share the best of what I've learned with you here on the Brilliance At Work Podcast. Hello, my bright light friends.

Honestly, these moments where I just settled down at my desk to talk with you are such a light for me. We are meeting in the brilliance together is what it feels like. It has been a long day and a long week and it really does feel really good to connect with you. I'm feeling kind of romantic, maybe kind of poetic today. I don't think I've said anything poetic yet, but I think it's because I'm recording on earth day and I know that you're not going to be hearing this on earth day cause it will be at least a week later, but these stories about the crystalline water and Venice and big drops and pollution in places like Wuhan and New York and Los Angeles, I mean we are changing the world so dramatically in ways we aren't even trying to change it. I mean we were wishing for it, trying to figure out ways that we could do it or at least intellectually trying to figure it out.

This is such a powerful view into the incredible, beautiful resilience that is our natural state. Ours as humans and our beautiful Earth's natural state. When we take away all of the messing with it, that we're doing all the stuff, we're doing, all the adding, all of the production and driving and all of that balance. Sort of this crystal ease is in our design and we really get to see it when we get out of our own way. Even as I'm saying this, I'm bouncing back and forth in my head between the two, the two situations, right? This is true of us internally is what I'm often talking about here on the Brilliance At Work Podcast that you have clarity within you. It's already living within you. You have that and that presence, that ability to influence, to make a difference to serve.

It's all living in you right now. Oftentimes there's just a lot of thinking that's in the way a lot of stuff, a lot of stories, a lot of old beliefs, whatever. That's just in the way of it, but all of it's living in there and it's amazing to see how true that is about our beautiful precious earth as well. Of course, it is like the this, the power that is this beautiful earth is so much bigger than any one of us human. Why would that not be the case but to see what happens when we stop? Just like when we stop as people, as humans and let our minds settle beautiful brilliance or rises well, that is exactly what's happening with our earth. You see, I'm just feeling all of that, all of that romantic feeling about what's possible in us and in our world.

This is true in the external world and it's true in our internal world and I love, love, love this, and I guess it makes me feel romantic about this human experience. So happy earth day, my friends, even if you're listening to this a week after the official date, every single day, I'm so grateful for this beautiful planet where we get to ride this amazing ride that we call life. I'm also indescribably grateful for our connection, yours and mine. Hearing from you that something on this podcast inspired clarity of your message or a new program idea, a new insight about something that you've been feeling really stuck about. Those emails that you send me, those direct messages, all the ways you share that with me. It's so meaningful for me. It's hard to describe how awesome that feels, how much that inspires me to keep wanting to come back here and connect with you every single week.

All of this is because I love you and I really do want you to thrive and serve at the highest level that you can imagine. The highest level you can dream up. What's cool is that love and connection is where all the magic lives for you and your ideal audience member too. I'll tell you exactly what I mean and the rest of this episode. That's really what we're going to talk about today, including some really powerful questions and ways to look at what you're saying to the people you're here to serve so that you can review your current messaging, your current marketing, or even use this in a very practical way as you begin crafting your marketing right now, if you're working on a new program or a pivot given the current situation, this is a beautiful time to really take to heart this process. I'm going to walk you through a very clear process, what I call the quad pod of client.

First, I'm going to make a slightly different request of you this week and then I usually do around now in our episodes. If as you're listening today, one or two other people come to mind for you who you believe would be served by this message, would you kindly share this episode with them? I just really love thinking about this content, specifically this content, getting into the minds and hearts of the right people. This one really is highly actionable and I love that. I mean, every podcast I create, I create because I believe it is very, very practical and fundamental foundational to the work that you're doing. I just love this one is you know there's, you can literally take what I share with you in this process and compare it to your current marketing copy so it's actionable in a very specific way. Now let's dive in to the quad pod of client magnetism.

First, you love that title. Jim and I were just on a walk. We were walking Timber, our dog about an hour ago and I was talking about the podcast and what I wanted to talk about and I'm very excited about sharing this with you, but I was saying I can't come up with a fun title for it. They're all, there were these boring titles like the four pillars of great marketing, the essential things you need to think of. I was like, eh, it doesn't do it justice and then I started joking, actually he started it. He was like the four, I think what he said was the four things, the four legs on your tripod. It was just ridiculous conversation. Anyway, and then it made me think of a quad pod and I said, I'm going to call it the Quad Pod of Great Marketing.

We both laughed and I then I said it again and I was laughing, I was joking. Then I'm like, you know what? I really like this. I think I'm going with it. Here we are. There is not a client day that goes by where I don't repeat these four essentials that I'm going to share with you of magnetic marketing at least once. Very often it comes up with every single client and it's because they really are magic. These really are the essentials of great marketing, of magnetic marketing, naturally magnetic marketing. I'm going to give you the Quad Pod one at a time because I really want you to see why each one is so powerful in itself and then how they build on one another to really make writing or crafting whatever kind of messaging that you're crafting for your people.

Much easier and more natural. In each case. I'm going to tell you what I mean by this essential element by this quad and then how to make it shine in your own marketing with really practical examples. I'm going to basically use to kind of ideal client scenarios and every one of them. For context, these two ideal clients are, first I'm talking about a woman who is a mom who has spent a lot of her life really dedicated to caring for her family and doing an excellent job of it and really giving her life her time, her energy over to her role as a mother, and yet she's had this longing and this increasing longing to take more time to herself, figure out what she wants beyond just the family and she values motherhood. She values her time with her kids. She values taking great care of her family and wants to continue to do that but wants to figure out how to also learn more about this longing that's inside her and take some action around it for herself.

Okay. That's the first one. The second ideal client, you'll hear me give an example for each one. The second one is a man who is a leader in a company and he has been working in this leadership role for a very long time and he's had a traditional mindset around, it was really guided from very young that this is what he had to do to take care of his family. He loved the idea of it and was really on board with it at first, but now as he has been in this high level leadership role for a long time, he's realized he wants to, yes, some creative endeavors he wants to, he wants to explore and he can't figure out how to fit it in, given the intense schedule that he has in his role as a leader. Each time I go through one of these quads, you'll just hear me talk through each ideal client as an example.

Our first quad is, I see you. Oh my goodness, my friends. The magic of feeling seen. When is the last time you really felt like someone got you. I mean like really got you. Not just their idea of what you should be or, or the way they think they see you, which is often mixed up with really how they think you should be, but really got you for who you are. This is what we're going for with your beautiful people. I see you says, I see all of you, the good, the shiny parts and the edgy, less than ideal parts. I accept all of them. Every bit of you, they are normal. Acceptance is the energy of ICU. How do we say I see you to our clients? We described their outside life. Something like you wake up before the kids are up so you can get even 30 minutes of silence to yourself.

It's never enough, but you've just to realize that you're not. Once the day starts, you're never going to be able to create the time, and so you've started waking up early in the morning and even just this little glimpse, this little glimpse into quiet time and dreams that you might have for yourself has really started this rising within you, this longing, this desire. Now in our second scenario, it might sound like this, you worked so freaking hard to get where you are in your career. In the early days, it was exciting to work the long hours and take on the biggest projects. This is what you'd been told from very young that you were supposed to do and you took it on like the high performing person that you've always seen yourself to be. 15 years of long hours and little appreciation with a whole lot more pressure isn't what you imagined it would feel like though.

You thought when you got to the top of this leadership climb that you would finally get some peace and some sense of satisfaction, but that's not what it feels like at all. Instead you just feel more dissatisfied and you're really starting to think that maybe you got this wrong all along. That's our scenarios for ICU. That's the first quad. I see you now. Our second quad is our second essential is I get you. Acceptance is awesome. I see you says I accept you, but understanding is so much richer, such a deeper connection. I get you as about showing that you understand you see them and you understand why what they are experiencing is so hard or what they want feels so big and almost painful and the desiring of it. So this the second I get you, it goes beyond. I see you and says, not only do I see you, but I understand.

How do we say I get you to our ideal clients? We described their inner experience so it could sound like this. You love your kids and your family. You love them so much. This is what you always dreamed of having this kind of family, this wonderful opportunity to really help them thrive, and yet it doesn't feel the way you imagined. Waking up with a racing heart and an emptiness and wondering how you can possibly feel anything but grateful for the blessings you have in your life. Makes you wonder if there's something wrong with you. How could you possibly want more than what you've been given? This is how you dreamed it up and yet it just isn't doing it and you know that you can't just keep pretending. In our second scenario, I get you, sounds like this on the outside it looks like you've got it all figured out.

Hell it has to. They're all counting on you, but most days you have no idea how you're going to make this work on your drives to work. Sometimes you fantasize about just skipping the exit on the highway that would get you to the office and continuing to drive maybe for days into an entirely different life. I get you takes the ICU part and like wraps this warm for recoat around it and says, I'm here. Yes, I see you and accept you, but also I understand the inner experience and there's a little bit of you'll be okay.  Then we have our third essential, our third quad in the quad pod. This one is, I know what you want. This is for their wildest dreams and their deepest secrets. You've said, I see you and I accept you. You've said, I get you, I understand the feelings you're experiencing and now you're saying, I know what you're wanting.

This is you being willing to say out loud what they either don't know how to articulate or too afraid to put into words for fear that people will laugh or think they're crazy or flat out. Call them indulgent.  Who do you think you are to want that? This is often what they're saying to themselves in their head, what is wrong with me? Why am I not thrilled with the life that I've created now? This may or may not. Now the important thing here is as always, who is your ideal client? It could be that they know why they're not thrilled if they're in the middle of a sickness, if they're in the middle of some kind of really surprised big health situation, it might not be. They're saying, I'm crazy to not be accepting this situation, right? The key here is as always to understand what's going on in their heads, your ideal clients in the, I know what you want.

There is often a struggle between what things look like on the outside and what it feels like on the inside. This is an even deeper, you're not alone and you're not crazy for wanting what you want. It can be anywhere from, as I've described, life looks really good on the outside. I'm supposed to be really happy with this and yet I'm not or it could be you have this diagnosis, it's really overwhelming. You need to keep the front up for the people around you, right? What you really want to do is just fall into the arms of someone else fall into the security and the safety and the care of someone else. Who will you that this is going to be? Okay? Again, knowing your ideal client, knowing what those thought bubbles are above their head, if you have not done an ideal audience member drawing, and remember I use these two interchangeably.

Your ideal audience member is in most cases your ideal client. What is going on in their heads? What are they saying in the dark recesses of their mind that maybe they don't want anyone else to? Now that is part of what you're saying here, their wildest dreams, their deepest secrets, their darkest fears sometimes. How do we say, I know what you want. Very specifically. If we use our two different scenarios, lay it all out in a way that they can hear it. This takes deep understanding and you don't get here without the ICU and I get you. Remember that this is a dance and it's why I talk a lot about intimacy. When I talk about connection with your ideal audience member, you're sensitive to the nuances here, depending on their values, their current situation, what's going on in their head, but also their current life, what feels very real to them in their world.

It might sound like this. You will always take amazing care of your kids. Of course you will. Yet, you know it's time for you to start taking action on your own dreams. It no longer works to use all of the busy things to do to cover up this longing that you have inside. It's time. You have no idea how you're going to make it all work, but you know that you're ready to lean in that direction finally. It makes you a little giddy even while it makes you a little sick to your stomach too, you see how you're holding both here I know what you want and it's not a purity of wanting. Of course you're having mixed feelings and again, that's only true if that's true for your ideal client and then in our scenario for our executive who is really looking for creative expression in his life for a long time you thought this was just the way it had to be.

You spent almost two decades building this career to burn it all down now would be ridiculous, wildly irresponsible. Yet lately you've been wondering if you really have to burn it all down or to leave town suddenly turning off the freeway to live that life you really want. What if there was a way to do great work in your career and have some time to pursue those other creative endeavors, those exciting things, those glimmers that you're interested in? The more you think about it, the more the idea feels exciting to you. Surely this is possible. Not every single leader gives up his whole life. To his work. Do they? You know one thing for sure. You are done giving up your entire life to your work. Now again, ideal client, ideal audience member, you got to know what's going on in their head. If it's not big desires and big dreams like these two scenarios, if it's really, they've just had a sudden very difficult circumstance show up in their life.

Same thing you're going to say to them, I know what you want. You just want to go back to feeling the vibrant energy you felt before. You want to believe it's possible to heal from this. Say whatever's true for them. Okay, so we have ICU, I get you, I know what you want, and the fourth and final essential, the fourth quad is I can help. This is their lifeline. This is your gift, your care, your support. This is what they've been dreaming of. Not having to figure this out alone. You can actually help. Whenever I get to this part, when I'm working on copy or a talk or messaging with a client or even in my own messaging, my heart gets Tingley. I love this so much because when you've gone through this process of I see you, I get you, I know what you want.

You're so deeply steeped in their experience and their desires and their struggles that you're reinvigorated. You're reconnected with your ability to serve right in the spot. So I'm telling you this is magnetic, but it's also powerful for your own conviction and your own, just willingness to put yourself out there with your ability to help for a planet with a whole lot of people living on it. We sure have a lot of people who feel very alone in their struggle and the truth is you can't help everyone, of course. The beautiful support and love that you can bring to the people you're meant to serve is incredible. It's amazing. This is what you came here for, my friends, this and of course to love and enjoy this whole wild human right of life. You're here listening to this, I also know that you're called to serve.

You wouldn't be here if you weren't. This is what you came here for. How do we say I can help? It might sound like this. I know it's scary to make changes to the way you care for your family when it feels like everyone depends on you for so many things right now, it really does look like you taking time away could take down the whole house of cards, but I promise you that's not the way it has to go. I can tell you that from working with many, many women who are caring for their family, often juggling jobs and outside responsibilities as well, that there is always a way to find, tap into that longing, that desire within you and take action toward your dreams. In our second scenario, it could sound like this. Here's the great news. Knowing you are done and ready to design a new way to work is all you have to know right now.

In fact, this readiness is more than half the battle. You don't have to know how you're going to balance your new creative endeavors, your new outside life with this current high level, high pressure job, we can figure this out together. I've helped leaders of fortune 50 companies completely redesign their work and home life so they could start running marathons. I've helped leaders take their families on Epic vacations multiple times a year. I've even helped one leader write a book that they've been planning to write for more than a decade, all while their company not only sustained, but flourished in their care. You can hear in those two messages; all you're saying is I can help. You're not telling them how you're going to help. No one cares how you're going to do this. Certainly not at this stage when they're just feeling desperate and wishing someone could help.

They just want to know that you see them, you get them, you know what they want and that you're here to help. Right about now, you might be thinking, isn't this kind of pompous, maybe presumptive to say that I know what you want to like come out and say, look, I know what you want because do we really know what that individual person wants? You're probably not going to say directly, I know what you want. Sometimes you will, but in general it's a show no tell situation. You can see how in each of these scenarios we're describing their life, their experience externally, their experience internally, their desires in a way that says, I get you. Even when the details are a little different and they will be for different people, of course, because you're not just working with one person. They will see and feel themselves in the feeling and the energy of what you describe.

Not only that, but you would be so surprised, you probably wouldn't be, you probably already know this from working with people and the people you know in your life. There was an incredible amount of crossover around the struggles that we experience in our lives. You'd be surprised how many people's lives you're describing when you go through this process of ICU. I get you, I know what you want and I can help. This makes me think about a client who flew to California for a VIP day a number of years ago. The power of crafting your message with this kind of connection. She'd been researching someone to help her with messaging and Thought Leadership for a long time and we were 20 minutes on the phone, on our phone call and she said, this is so strange. My eyes are tearing up talking to you and could hear it in her voice.

She just said, you know, I've been on the phone with so many people, I've been trying to figure out how to do this on my own for so long and I'm so happy that I found you and that I'm on the phone with you. We didn't even started working together yet and we had a long, very wonderful working relationship. See that's what we can do for those that we are meant to serve. My beautiful friend. That is why we do this work that we do. I've also been that person crying on the phone. Maybe you have to just because I'm so relieved to finally have found the support that I've been looking for. Here's what I suggest you do with this Quad Pod of information. First of all, say quad pod as often as possible because it's just fun because we need a little levity in our life.

Second, reconnect with your ideal audience member. If you haven't done a drawing, your ideal audience member drawing, you must do it. I'm telling you it's magic. We'll put a link to the blog post that I created, which has a video, shows you exactly how to do it. It's something I've done probably hundreds of times with clients and in workshops and different things at this point and every single time I do this with a client or in a group, people's minds are blown when they actually do it. Even if you've done a zillion ideal client avatars, I promise this will create a different connection for you. Look in the show notes and you'll find a link to that process. Take yourself through each of these essentials, each one of these quads in the Quad Pod and see how your marketing message or messages hold up next to this.

Are you covering these essentials? Are you saying, I see you, I get you, I know what you want and I can help. Where can you create more of that connection, that resonance through each of those essentials do that. It's magic. We are magnetizing to people who get us who really want to help. Here's the thing, it looks and feels like love because it actually is love. Yeah. Really good marketing is all about love. I have this coffee mug that says love is the answer. I love that mug. Even when the question is how do I create magnetic marketing? The answer is love is the answer. I love you so much and I'm so grateful that I get to do this with you. Thank you for being here. It's an honor to get to remind you every single week of the most fundamental truth. You know what that is, right? You were made for this and I know that because you know that now go soak yourself in love and I can't wait to be here with you next week.

Take good care. Thank you so much for being here with me on the Brilliance At Work Podcast. If you want to know how tap your own most natural charisma as a business owner, leader, and speaker, you can download a free copy of my book. Beyond Applause, Make A Meaningful Difference Through Transformational Speaking. This includes a free short course that helps you get crystal clear on the message at the heart of your work. You can get a free copy of this book and that short course at https://brillianceatwork.com/freebook. I hope you'll love it.


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