The Radiant Leader School

Create Your Awesome Online Course Quickly

Creating your online course does not require a gigantic budget, a fancy studio and equipment or tons of time. You very likely have everything you need already to create an awesome online course that will serve your audience beautifully. This course shows you how to create that course right now.

Meant for TED

Getting onto the TEDx stage feels like such a mystery. In this course you’ll get very specific guidance on how to look for great TEDx events, ways to make your application exciting for the curation team so you get that coveted invitation, plus some hot tips about how to make the most of your experience when you do get that awesome TEDx opportunity.

Book the Best Speaking Gigs

If you’re wondering where to start when it comes to finding and reaching out to organizations and individuals for speaking opportunities, this course is for you. From step-by-step guidance on creating a value proposition, to swipe copy for outreach and testimonials, you’ll be in motion toward your next speaking gig fast!

The Message You Came to Share

You’re likely clear on your topic area – but knowing how to articulate the powerful message that will magnetize and activate the right people… that’s the elusive part. This course is designed to take you step-by-step through the process of crafting your crystal clear core message, and then shows you how to set yourself up with a strong speaking and thought leadership foundation from there.

Speak So It Matters for Founders

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a proven system for creating any talk or presentation, for any circumstance, anytime? Well, that’s what you’ll get inside this course. You’ll also learn how to tell your Founder or Origin Story (we call this your Story of Transformation). PLUS: You’ll get access to The Only Presentation Outline You’ll Ever Need (TOPOYEN) which clients regularly tell me is, “pure GOLD.”

The Business You Came to Build

Whether you are just beginning your business or have been building it for a while, there comes a time where you need a recalibration. You want to focus in on the message you *really* want to be sharing, to check on your offerings and whether they are serving our overall goals, and take a look at your marketing processes to make them even more powerful for the people you most want to serve. This course was built with your message-driven business at heart, and goes beyond the usual speaking and thought leadership to include your overall business growth.

Made for This: Foundations Course

Knowing how to get speaking gigs, build amazing offerings, write books, invite people to work with you… these feel like the most important things to know when building a successful message-driven business. However, that’s simply not the case. The HOW is the simple part – we go find out. It’s moving through the resistance, fear and scary thoughts that make it all feel so overwhelming. After 10 years in business, I had the kind of insight that makes everything feel clearer and more possible. I created this course to share that with you.

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