The You Interview (First Ever Video Blog Post)

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My good Twitter friend @joeprovence had this brilliant idea that I use video in place of writing some of my blog posts. He actually had a more specific idea for how to use video on my blog, which I am so very excited to implement (but I'm keeping it a mystery, just to keep things exciting) but I decided to apply his idea to my regular blog post ideas. I'm really excited about this evolution of my blog because, frankly, I struggle to write my blog posts all the time! I love the conversation with you all (via comments, email and all ways we chat about blog post topics) but I simply don't do them enough. I'm hoping this will help move things along.

So, here's Video Blog Post #1 on The You Interview. The topic will sound familiar if you watched the Ignite Bend talk I posted a few weeks ago, but this is more fleshed out. If you are looking to crystallize your vision for your business (or your life, or your parenting, or your whatever, really…), give The You Interview a go. And let me know how it goes!