Ep 126: When You Are Trying Really Hard

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My friends, have you ever needed to figure out a solution to a problem and worked yourself up into a thought storm trying to solve it? Have you found, like I have, that typically that only causes stress and stagnancy in our ideas?

When you are trying really hard to solve a problem, it is often better to realize a couple of things about your inner person and take a step back. Instead of thinking with your brain, try to find that calm place inside yourself capable of thinking and doing anything.

Today, I am walking with you through the idea that we are all divine; that we are capable of an infinite number of thoughts and ideas, and that creativity well inside of us will never dry up. We look at how to identify your internal wisdom and how to get to that place of calm instead of always starting with your brain.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

The realization that we have an endless well of creative ideas inside of us.
How to access your divine place inside of you.
Why it is important to create spaces where love and acceptance are the focus.
Why it is essential to realize that it is always an experiment.
How to avoid starting to look at a problem with your brain instead of your inner, more peaceful self.

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