What Is the Most Expansive Option? Part 3 of Unintended 2010 Theme Series

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I didn't intend to spend so much keyboard time exploring my 2010 theme. The thing is, I kept trying to think about/discover/land on my theme and it felt elusive. I couldn't quite get there all the way. Until I'd start typing.

I suppose that is consistent with the fact that I know what I think by saying it out loud. It seems I am learning to zero in on what I think while writing to y'all. Which is handy because circumstances don't always support talking out loud to myself. I've had some useful realizations about what works about writing for discovery and decision-making. I'll post about that later – maybe you'll find it useful for your own processing.

Meantime, back to my theme for 2010 about opening/space/expansion. I've really taken to the idea of using a question to drive my year. I love questions – they are so rich and meaningful in and of themselves (why that question and not another? why that particular descriptor as opposed to another less intense/more silly/more direct?) and they bring about such gorgeous dialogue with two willing parties (or one willing party in self-inquiry.) Love 'em.

So, I've decided to use a question this year to help me stay on course and accomplish the goals and overall feeling I want for my year. I'll ask myself this question when I have multiple choices and can't decide. I'll ask myself this question when I am about to do something that doesn't quite feel right. I will ask myself this question every so often even when things are just going along nicely, just to check in.

Here's the question: Which choice will bring the most expansion to my life?

That's it. I'm excited to see what it brings about. I think it'll be really excellent. Just this morning I asked myself this question when my alarm went off at 6:15 (one of my new sub-goals for 2010, a la Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project book, which I am LOVING right now) after having spent over an hour awake at 4am with one of the babes. My answer: more sleep will bring more expansion to my life today. I slept until 7am and felt awesome when I got up.

You? What questions, if any, do you ask yourself that help you stay on course?

Again, Orin Zebest brings it with the question image. Thanks, Orin Zebest.