Let me set this up right from the beginning: this post is about my business as an example. Yet, please let me be crystal clear here – it's about you more. My goal is to be radically clear for you about the ways in which I try to serve you – now, and even more going forward so that you can use me in ways that make your life easier and your business thrive. 

Please note: In a surprise outcome, the process of writing it was really useful for my own business planning. I highly recommend you write a post like this for yourself. It's a fabulous business planning tool.

Here goes…

In a recent conversation with a new reader to my blog (Hi, new reader! So happy you're here!), I was gifted a very useful window into what a person might be thinking as they read through my blog content.

Here's what she said (essentially):

“When I'm reading your blog, I'm often thinking, ‘Where is she taking me with this? And yet, I can't stop reading. Your style is so unusual. It's about way more than marketing or speaking. It's so much deeper than that.”

Here's what I heard:

“I like reading what you write. It's engaging. Yet, I get lost on your point at times.”

While my ego loves hearing that my writing is engaging, I am also aware that many people would not stick with reading when they can't see how the article applies to them and their real wants and needs.

This was incredibly useful information for me. And while it is only one person's view, I actually see very clearly why she had that comment. I bet she is not alone in that feeling. I haven't been as clear about why I write what I do on this blog about (essentially) how to communicate your life-changing message authentically and powerfully.

Clarity is critical to my goal of being immensely useful to you.

Since I'm going to launch a new version of my website in the next few weeks, now is the time to be radically clear.

This time, I really want to get the message right for you. I want it to tell you how I can be of service to you, really help you express yourself more powerfully in your own business (and life.) I want it to be obvious from your arrival the ways in which I can help.

Let me declare it right now. I'm  here in service of:

Your Soul Crafted Message. On stage, page and web.

When I write on my blog, create programs and otherwise share my (ahem) wisdom, my great desire is to help you:

  • Name your genuine, distinctive, powerful “flavor” of communication (the ultimate engagement of this is your “Expression Elan)
  • Craft a radically clear, compelling speech that magnetizes clients to you (the ultimate engagement of this is Speaking Coaching)
  • Write your own engaging, effective, authentically powerful web copy for your website
  • Create newsletters and other communication with your community that keeps them excited to be connected with you
  • Actually write that book you have living/brewing in you
  • Write blog posts, print articles and engage in social media in a way that feels awesomely “real” to you and expresses your great expertise

The truth is, doing these things takes way more than writing skill, stage presence, time management, brand articulation, consistency and speech-writing how-to.

You know why?

Because most of these moves require putting ourselves out there in ways that are scary.

The antidote to fear is to consciously bring calm, ease, and self-compassion into our experience. And this explains why I also write a lot about:

  • Inner Peace
  • Speech anxiety
  • Self-compassion
  • Courage/Fear

Further, and finally, as soul-inspired business people, our work and our personal lives are deeply intertwined.

While we may attend to different activities when we are focusing on one or the other, our effectiveness and ease in our business is dramatically impacted by our home and personal life. This is why I sometimes venture beyond our businesses into the home and personal realm. I don't do this very often but if it feels like it will help you, I will do it.

Because my goal with every single article, program offering and product is to help you get your Soul Crafted Message into the world with ease, confidence and clarity so you can live and enjoy the business you came to build.

Tell me, please.

How else can I help? What do you wish I would write about in service of your message? You can comment here or you can email me at michelle [at] michellebarryfranco.com. Thank you for being here. I am honored to serve you.


[This sweet image of Pickle the Puppy peaking through the fence reminds me of how it can feel just before we leap out into full view with our message (or new website, in my case.)]