Why I chose to focus 100% of my business on speaking

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I spent the first five years of my business trying to figure out exactly how to serve people with my gifts. I knew what my skill set was – I even knew I have a Unique Brilliance in this domain – but I just could not reconcile all of my made-up stories about what it means to be a “speaking coach” with my deep desire to serve.

Why am I telling you this?

Because, while this is my story, it's really all about you – especially if you are in the business of changing other people's lives with your beautiful work. (I suspect you are, since you are here in our community.)

In this video, I tell you my story – and also what it has to do with you. I also tell you about the online speaking course I created for you, called Speak So It Matters™ for Coaches & Wellness Experts! Oh yes, I did – I created an ONLINE speaking course for you!ssim_coaches_wellness_course_logo

Here's the link to the OPEN TODAY course registration page. Please check it out today if you think you might want to join. I am keeping this first-round group to a very small maximum of 10 people and I expect those seats to go fast (it's a significantly discounted price, in exchange for your feedback.)

Here's the video:

Hope to see you in class!