Last week I talked about the difference between being a great speaker and stepping into thought leadership. What we didn’t address is why you would want to be a thought leader. In what ways does stepping into thought leadership help you build a thriving business and make the meaningful difference you want to make in the lives of others?

Highlights covered in this video:

  • It’s not about being famous or in the spotlight – in fact you might even not like the term “thought leader”
  • I share why I was surprised by who contacted me after a recent speaking event and what that taught me about the message of thought leadership
  • Why great speaking – and thought leadership overall – are the best way to make your impact
  • How all types of speaking gigs help you become an even more influential thought leader
  • Why high-content (no-selling) speaking is a fabulous way to attract awesome clients naturally
  • How thought leadership leads to exciting collaborations for even greater impact

I’d love to hear what comes up for you after you watch the video. What questions, insights or stories come to mind? Share them with us!