Every year for my birthday I like to spend quiet time out in nature. I visited Catawba Falls this year, in Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. There was a breathtaking view there, particularly the butterfly sanctuary, and if you have ever tried taking pictures of butterflies you know full well that the beauty all around you cannot be captured, it is meant to be felt in the present.

This experience led me to think about my podcast and ask the question, “Why is this podcast worth your attention?” After all, I listen to podcasts as well, but what makes me come back to the ones I like?

In today’s episode, we explore what the purpose of our communication is as it pertains to creating a podcast, webinar or Facebook Live. Though perhaps all you need is to be reconnected with that place in you that knows you are meant to serve in an amazing way.

I discovered that I want this podcast to serve as a reminder for you when it all becomes too much. To be reminded that the call you feel is your sign that you are meant to serve the people you serve because you were made for this.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

That life is deeper, and bigger, than the struggles you are experiencing.
What makes you give your attention to certain things and what makes you keep coming back.
The questions to consider when honing in on what your communication is about to better understand the experience of your audience.
How reconnecting with the call you feel to serve can ground you when you don’t know how to do something or where to turn next.
What the purpose of this podcast is. (Hint: To let go of trying so hard, and be reconnected with your call).

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