In this video I share:

  • How to walk up to the stage or front of the room with confidence
  • Why taking a moment before you begin makes such a big difference for your audience and for you
  • How to engage your own Hello Smile 🙂

Adapted transcript of video:

Okay, so now you're prepared and you've got your body in the best shape possible. Let's talk about what to do with your body once you're up there. First of all, the way you arrive on stage will set the stage for you and for your audience, so walk up to the front, shoulders squared, confident. You're going to walk up and spend a couple beats up there. I think of this as my hello smile, so I arrive up, maybe in front of the microphone, or just in front of the room if I'm all mic'd up. You're just standing there, and you're looking, and you find a few faces and you just smile. It's not for a super long time, then they start wondering what's going on, but it's a great way to show the audience that you are a warm, inviting, connecting person.

It also shows a lot of confidence to arrive on scene, shoulders squared, walking up with confidence, and being willing to just use direct eye contact with the people in the room, and that will also put you at ease. You'll see they're just beautiful faces ready to take in what you have to share.