My friend Pam Dibbs suggested a habits list. I resisted because, honestly, I’m the most unruly ever right now. Do I even have habits? Are they all bad habits?
The inquiry inspired me to explore so I here’s a list.


Let’s get the UNHELPFUL ones over with.
1. “Crash into my day” as my friend and client, Jessica Dioguardi Miller, calls it. I don’t make a clear plan. Drink my coffee then get up and do something, then another. [pic: sometimes I plan]
2. Snack instead of create meals. Again, the planning.
3. Start projects & don’t finish them. I blame the #ADHD.
4. Think about moving my body but don’t. I love taking walks. I used to love running every day. I love to dance. But it’s very random.
5. Not calling my family more often. It feels good to be connected with them but I often tell myself I’m too busy and that I’ll call tomorrow.
Now for five HELPFUL habits.
1. Check in meaningfully with each girl and Jim every day. I love hearing about their days, what they are thinking about, how they are doing. I feel really connected to my little family on the daily because of this.
2. Set up the coffee maker the night before. Timer at 6:23 on weekdays and 7:23 on weekends.
3. Spend time sitting quietly every morning. I don’t meditate but I drop into a meditative state. I come back to this state when I feel overwhelmed or nervous throughout my day. It’s magic.
4. Belly breathe. According to my therapists, I had “anxiety and panic” when I was a teen and in my early 20s, I’ve tried a lot of things to help me “manage my anxiety.” Six years ago, in a moment that’s become a deep knowing, I realized there’s nothing wrong with me. (I really didn’t know this.) A deep belly breath & remembering #3 remind me just how okay I always am.
5. Seek out opportunities to laugh. Play with Luna, listen to audio messages from my hilarious friends (extra shout out to Marsha & Courtney who make me laugh almost daily). And my #1 favorite thing about being married to Jim Franco: he is hilarious. I often cry laughing when he’s around.
I’d love to hear about your helpful or unhelpful habits. Let’s be imperfect together 🙂 (we’ve no choice anyway)