I am living in my 28th house, by my best count.

Some of them were when I was a kid and my parents moved us – we did that a fair amount.
I went to three different high schools, the last one I began with 4 months left of my senior year.
(There’s a single moment during the high school graduation ceremony that summed up the vast majority of my high school experience. I’ll tell you about it sometime.)
I hated that we moved so much, which will make no sense when I tell you the next thing…
I’ve moved 19 times as an adult, all by choice.
In a total plot twist (or is it?), we’ve moved our own family of five (plus dogs) six times, two of which have been cross-country moves.
All of this packing up our things (so many things), creating a home in a new place, saying goodbye, leaving and coming back to family… has inspired some reflections that I’d like to share.
I’m not sure how they serve exactly, but that’s not the point of this project anyway, is it?
So, here we go…

**10 Reflections on Moving 28 Times**

1. We are pretty much the same wherever we go.
2. Having three kids within three years was the most brilliant thing we’ve done.
3. Making new real friends is hard.
4. No matter how much I want to, I can’t remove emotional pain for people I love (or myself, at times).
5. Cool people are everywhere.
7. There are so many beautiful places to live in this world.
7. Emotions are always moving, in flux. They are temporary.
8. It feels really fun and exciting to buy new things, until you have to figure out what to do with them when you move.
9. We need three bathrooms for our family of five for maximum ease and getting along.
10. A grounded feeling of Home feels elusive to me, still.
What about you? Have you moved many times? Wanted to move but haven't? Wished you did move, or wished you didn't? I'd love to hear your own reflections on moving in your life.