It’s a snowy Saturday. Nothing sparkles more magically than sunshine on snow. It reminds me of our years living in Bend, Oregon, when we were first married.
I love snow out my window but I’m not a big fan of being outside in it.
So, I’m sitting here in bed trying to remember a broader range of things I do on weekends. Maybe I’ll inspire myself to do something besides make another pot of coffee and stay tucked in.


Here’s what I’ve got:
1. Stay in bed and drink coffee, talking with Jim and watching the day turn up out our windows.
2. Walk around Beaver Lake, stop at the Farmer’s Market then have breakfast at Green Sage Cafe.
3. Try cooking an actual recipe. Usually I make big plans, then before I know it,  it’s 6pm. We stop at Whole Foods and get dinner from the hot bar. Tomorrow I’m trying the Sausage, Lentil & Kale soup recipe @susanhyatt shared on FB🤞🏼
4. Take Luna to Puppy school. I love watching her be such a focused student.
5. Watch movies or shows (of course). Right now, we are watching Manifest and I’m watching Sweet Magnolias again.
6. Drive the parkway and stop to marvel at the gorgeous mountains and trees.
7. Talk about cleaning and organizing things. Then mostly making a huge mess and having to walk around it for three weeks until Jim likely finishes it (#ADHD)
8. Picnic dinner on the lawn at The Biltmore Estate, when it’s warm. We love to watch the sunset there. [This pic is from one of our family picnics there. Often acrobatics are involved.]
9. Hike to one of the beautiful waterfalls or lakes around here. Honestly, I’ve only done this a few times but I have big plans for Spring. Favorites so far: Catawba Falls and the moss garden creek area hidden in our neighborhood.
10. Connect with friends. We’ve had a few dinners out and it feels so freaking amazing to be with wonderful people IRL. We’ve scaled the in-person visiting back again so I spend more time walking and talking with friends and famly via Voxer, WhatsApp or phone. We really do need each other… I’m so grateful to have a number of ways to stay connected.
What do you do on weekends/days off?