I like to think of myself as creative, dynamic and very in the moment.

And yet, I end up saying a whole lot of the same things over and over again each day with my girls.

Is it just me?


Here are some things I say pretty much every day while I’m Mama-ing:

1. Are you awake?

2. What do you have going on today?

3. Tell me a story about your day.

4. Whose [shirt, yoga pants, underwear] are these? (they all wear the same size and often the same style)

5. What do you think about…? [a potential family plan, something they’re considering, the latest news]

6. Whatcha doin’? [In their room, usually watching something on their ipad, playing a video game, talking with friends…]

7. Will you be here for/having dinner?

8. Where is Luna? [We have to watch that puppy’s every move]

9. Reminder: kitchen clean up! (often a text, when they’ve disappeared after dinner)

10. I used to sing “This girl is gonna have a great day, this girl is gonna have so much fun…” song I made up as I was waking them up, but that got vetoed. So now I just say “Go take on the day!” as they walk out the door.

I’m so curious. Do you find yourself saying the same thing repeatedly with your kids, partner, friends…? I’d love to hear about it!