I spent all day facilitating a training today. I’m exhausted and I was going to skip today’s list.

But then I remembered that I want to do a list of simple words I really like and it felt like the perfect light touch list for the end of a long day.


So, here we go – 10 words I really like:
1. Serenity – we named our oldest daughter Serena because this is my favorite word.
2. Fascinating – it’s the perfect response when you don’t know how to respond
3. Dahlia – big, bold, strong, beautiful
4. Love – of course.
5. Beautiful – it describes things, people, inner experiences and outer ones. It feels good to say.
6. Captivating – is there a better word for grabbing and holding attention? I think not. I just love it.
7. Brilliant – I see gold twinkling sparkles just saying and seeing this word.
8. Sanctuary – spacious, simple, nurturing space, external and internal.
9. Reverence – honor and respect made sacred
10. Divine – beyond this earthly experience, bigger than us. It’s a purple sparkly word.
Now you: What are some words you really like? You don’t even have to have a reason. I just want to hear about them.