I started this week by recording a twenty-minute podcast that will never air since I wasn’t recording! But I pushed through and rerecorded this episode for you since I believe it is so important, particularly for the next couple of months.

As we come out of the time spent in this pandemic, we are asking ourselves how we are going to continue running our businesses and how we are going to grow as thought leaders. The pandemic made us realize that the speaking and thought leadership industry needed to evolve.

We are talking about messaging today and how you don’t necessarily have to burn down the barn if you want to tweak it. Many people feel a push to start over, but that probably isn’t necessary even if it does feel exciting. Instead, we look at perspectives and how to move into this new time of spring in the speaking industry.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

The effects of the pandemic on the thought leadership industry.
How to tweak and adapt your message without needing to change it.
Why you don’t have to burn down the barn (and what that means.)
The dynamic nature of thought leadership.
How fear generates when you consider a new iteration of your business.
Ways to keep your branding consistent without becoming stagnant.

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