How Do You Care for Your State as A Thought Leadership Speaker

by | Thought Leadership

The other day I was hanging out on Facebook (probably avoiding writing, which I have a love/struggle relationship with) and saw a link my friend, Amy, shared of Tony Robbins. It was a super short part of a talk he was delivering for Oprah's Life Class.

You know how sometimes someone says something you've been circling for a super long time but just hadn't zeroed in on yet? (I probably wasn't going to zero in on it with this kind of excellent simplicity so I'm grateful Tony did.)

It was one of those times! As soon as he laid out the model (I share it in this video – it's really simple!) I was like, YES! This is exactly the way we need to think about how we get in the right mindset for doing great and edge-pushing work.

In this video, I share a zoomed in focus on one element of that model he shared: “state.”

Highlights covered in this video:

  • Why the work of thought leadership can get heavy at times
  • How Tony Robbins’ quick Oprah Life Class video lit me up about this whole topic
  • Some of my favorite (and essential!) “state shifting” moves
  • How I use my Inner Mentor as one of my favorite guides

I’d love to hear what comes up for you after you watch the video. What questions, insights or stories come to mind? Share them with us!