There is a lot of pressure out there to find our life-passion/life-purpose. I use the  word passion often when I talk about Brazen Soul business. Our tagline is “communication for the passion-driven entrepreneur”. Passion is a big thing for me – and I'm not alone. You see stuff about passion and purpose everywhere.

For some people, though, I think finding their “passion”  or “purpose” could feel overwhelming and confining – as if once you arrive at your “passion”, that's it. The hunt is over. You've arrived and now you can settle in. I think there is often the message that you will know when you arrive at your passion because it will feel so “right”, possibly even peaceful (in a passionate sort of way, of course.)

I am lucky enough to do work that feeds my soul every day. I feel “on purpose” and passionate about what I do. And – this work is not all I feel passionate about. I am very passionate about mothering. I am seriously committed and passionate about our Equally Shared Parenting approach to family life. Does this mean I haven't honed in on my one true passion?

Possibly it helps to transform this concept of individual passion (aka purpose) to the idea of Contribution. The Zanders talk about contribution in their book The Art of Possibility as “making a difference.” They discuss the concept as seeking to create a positive impact by your involvement. I love this concept. It is powerful.

I also like to take it up just a notch. Add to this concept of making a positive difference the unique and personally specific contribution you can make – from your strengths, your style, and your values.

There you have a contribution with a capital “C”.

What if we all just sought to make a real Contribution in passion-driven areas of our life? What if we just went for it when we find ourselves compelled, riled up, motivated, mesmerized by a cause, opportunity, situation? What if we brought that fire from the inside to the outside and Contributed in a way that fed our soul at the same time as making a difference?  What would the world be like? I'm just wondering.

Thank you, HaPe Gera, for this artist image.