Get Great Speaking Gigs

BONUS Day Four


Welcome to BONUS Day Four of Get Great Speaking Gigs.

Knowing how to get great speaking gigs is so powerful for your ability to serve as a transformational speaker – of course. It's those bigger and more influential stages that allow you to make the biggest and broadest difference with your message.

And yet… the very thought of stepping onto these bigger stages can cause real fear – and we may or may not even realize that fear is arising. If you've experience some real success in your life (and I'm pretty sure you have if you're here), then you have probably also created some very effective “buffering” mechanisms to help you do bigger things. This is normal – and often useful (to a degree).

But these same strategies can also get in the way of recognizing when fear is keep us small. Our beautiful brains can created powerful stories that make a “whole lot of sense” about what we are capable of (or not capable of) for example.

This is why I consider the IF Today… Practice the most valuable and important thing I teach my clients.

This is the same practice that freed me from YEARS of being stuck and (unknowingly) afraid to really step into leadership with my speaking.

I want you to have this beautiful practice – for free – so that you can use it to clear out any blocks that might stop you from taking action on this awesome plan you have made for getting great speaking gigs.

You can register for this free training right here ❤️

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