In this video I share:

  • Smiling creates connection
  • Remember to say Hello
  • It is helpful to stand up and move around

Adapted transcript of video:

Okay, so now we've talked about what to wear, we've talked about how to prep ahead of time, how to gesture, how to move, how to use the space. Finally, I just want to do just a little quick nod to the times when you're not going to be seen, so when you're on the phone. How can you deliver? What do you do with your body so that you deliver a captivating inspiring presentation? A couple of hints, first of all, smile. Do the same thing, pause and smile, say hello. And in fact, if you have a way that you can say hello to some actual people who've shown up on the phone then say hello to them. Or if you're doing a video where maybe you're sitting in front of your computer and you can't use your body in the same ways, same thing though, a nice smile, pausing shows confidence and then say hello to some of the people who have arrived. Smile on your face means a smile in your voice and that creates connection.

And then if they can't see you especially stand up so that your voice can come even better from your belly. And you might even want to move around, be careful not to pace and not to get out of breath because that'll show up even more. They don't have visual cues to kind of spread out their experience, what they're seeing and hearing. So, if you pace too much they'll really notice you're panting. But you might want to move around to add some energy to your voice.