Speaking on stages, submitting your book draft, even hitting “publish” on that social media post takes courage, a willingness to be seen, noticed, and possibly judged. It’s what makes doing these things too much for many people. 

When you are called to serve with your stories and expertise, you actually have to show up and be seen. To some degree, most of us get used to it, even if it isn’t always comfortable. 

Sometimes, though, being seen can feel especially hard. Maybe you’ve decided to tell a very vulnerable story that risks judgment in ways you’ve never experienced and are afraid to. Or you are going to finally get on video after a recent change in your body, face, voice or something else “visible” to others – and you are afraid of the response you’ll get. 

Maybe it’s just your own response that scares you most. 

In this episode, Michelle shares:

  • A story about a time when she was horrified by being seen – and how she moved through that overwhelming feeling.
  • Why resisting your feelings can make everything harder – and what to do intead
  • Reminders that the things we are afraid of are mostly built into this patriarchal system that is designed to keep us quiet and hidden – and therefor bullshit on every level.
  • Examples of clients and friends who have felt like they’d never be able to show up and shine again, and yet they did (and are shining bright now).
  • The simple process you can call upon when you are feeling afraid to be seen, to help you not only show up and serve, but to feel celebrated and inspired for it! 

This episode is meant to be played over and over again when you feel nervous, afraid or overwhelmed by your call to serve. The process is simple. Your call is real and meaningful and you deserve to be seen and heard all over the world! 

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BARE by Susan Hyatt