According to many people who try to preserve our patriarchal system, the term “thought leader” must be bestowed upon anyone who wants to carry that name.

Of course, this is bullshit. In this episode of Becoming Unleashed, Michelle shares 5 myths she’s seen shared in various forms around what it takes to be a genuine Thought Leader. The trouble with these myths is that they only serve to keep brilliant, heart-fueled people quiet. And we need the brilliant, heart-fueled people to be louder than ever.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Some of the most well known, unconventional thought leaders who serve big in our world. 
  • How to become a Thought Leader (hint: it’s not because someone else bestows this name upon you).
  • Why being hyper-professional or buttoned up can actually be detrimental on your thought leadership journey. 
  • The difference between thought leadership and content creation (and how they play together).
  • Where ego fits (and doesn’t) in the path to thought leadership. 

Listen to this episode, take it all in, then go out there big, bold and with rich freedom, sharing your gorgeous voice and message for all the world to hear! We need you out there!  

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