What we say matters. What others say to us matters. In this episode of Becoming Unleashed, I share my 10 Things People Have Said That Changed My Life list and give some additional backstory about each item. 

The invitation is for you to look at your own life and experiences. What are 10 Things others have said to you that have created shifts – or maybe leaps – in your life path?

Whether you are wanting to get on more stages, share yourself more freely when you are speaking on stage, enjoy your podcast interviews more or just feel more confident and fully expressed in conversation, seeing what’s in the way is the first step to releasing it. 

Noticing what old stories and messages are playing in our minds can allow us to release the ones that are blocking our greatest expression, and amplify those that lift us up.  

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • One specific reason women tend to be harder on themselves than men
  • How struggling with my body, weight and other people’s comments has actually helped me be a better Mama and feel more free in my life
  • What my college professor said that helped me find my life’s work
  • The one beautiful thing my older brother said that has brought so much delight and joy to my life, personally and professionally.

I hope you’ll use my example list as inspiration or ideas for creating your own. Shining a light on those old messages can serve us so well now and going forward.  

Stay tuned for more 10 Things Project episodes in this series. 

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