Leading a company or your own small business means wearing many hats and juggling a lot of priorities on any given day. It can feel overwhelming.

Add to that a desire to share your voice and message far and wide for the greatest impact – through speaking, writing books, or any of the ways we show up and shine in service of our business – and it’s easy to get paralyzed.

Which is why we need good time management systems. But we all know that the issue of overwhelm isn’t fixed by a pretty planner alone. We need ways of looking at our commitments and deciding which ones we want to give our precious time and energy.

Ulrika Brattemark has created, refined and then written a book about this soulful approach to time management. In this conversation we discuss:

  • How she went from working in a software company as a Business Analyst and Agile expert to coaching and supporting women solopreneurs in creating the businesses they dream of
  • The difference between planning out tasks and assessing your values to determine how to spend your time
  • How she got her book written quickly, after getting stuck for a bit in the middle of the process
  • The ways that her approach to time management also inform her parenting and other relationships. 


This is a rich conversation with tips on how to think about time in a new way plus some stories about building a business and stepping into thought leadership that are sure to resonate.

Ulrika Brattemark is on a mission to help heart-centered women solopreneurs get out of overwhelm and find sustainable and deeply fulfilling ways to build the impactful business they dream of.

Her background as a former business analyst turned agile coach, combined with her deep intuition, and playful curiosity have shaped her unique approach to time management.

She is the author of “Time Alchemy – a Dynamic and Soulful Approach to Managing Your Time” in which she provides a refreshing perspective on time management, one in which time becomes our ally.

Her group offerings provide compassionate accountability support, a deeply felt sense of camaraderie, and a place to be real. She is the creator of the popular program Procrastination-Buster Bootcamp.

Ulrika is committed to conscious business practices of people, planet and profit. She donates part of her profits to highly rated charitable organizations.

Show Notes:

Ulrika’s Website: https://www.soulsistersforgood.com/

Ulrika’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ulrikabrattemark/

Ulrika’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TimeAlchemyTheBook

Freebie: First three chapters of “Time Alchemy – a Dynamic and Soulful Approach to Managing Your Time” (PDF) – https://www.timealchemythebook.com/freechapters