Many of us share our messages and stories of inspiration from stages and in books because we want to help others see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. To let them know they aren’t alone in whatever struggle they are experiencing and that they can live the life they really want. 

This is beautiful and important, this promise of hope.

And also, it can be hurtful. 

Our stories and our messages – in speeches, in our book writing, in our social media shares – must be grounded in the full story. It’s essential that we talk about the hard parts, the parts that didn’t go the way we hoped, the struggle we went through – all on the way to getting to the other side. 

We need to do this to create trust and connection, to let them know that even on the “other side” life isn’t perfect (of course) – and we need to do this to create the most compelling communication, too. 

In this episode, you’ll find:

  • Why telling the whole truth is important for creating trust
  • The reason we can unintentionally leave out important parts of our story
  • What intentionally creating contrast brings to your communication that can make it way more compelling
  • How aspirational messages can actually get in the way of you serving your people the way you want
  • The importance of audience intimacy in sharing our messages
  • Ways to tap into your Ideal Audience Member’s dreams while also recognizing where they are right now

I hope this episode helps you create a message that is both magnetic and of ultimate service to the people you most want to inspire and magnetize to your work. 

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Ep 122 Audience Intimacy