In order to make a difference with your message, you’ve got to get the attention of the person or people you want to impact. Whether you’re delivering a TEDx talk, a keynote speech or having a difficult conversation with your partner or teenager, the fundamentals of getting attention are the same. 

Using examples from working with 8th graders creating TED style talks and working with geniuses who are overflowing with brilliant ideas (and these are not mutually exclusive, of course), you’ll learn simple and immediately practical ways to make any communication more effective, engaging and memorable. 

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How to use your voice tone, volume and pausing to naturally captivate your audience
  • Why a strategically placed pause is so reliable for bringing your audience back from straying thoughts
  • Where story fits when it comes to getting attention – and important elements of the story you choose
  • Questions to ask yourself so that the story you choose and the details you provide are most effective
  • How to employ repetition so that it works for your audience (because not all repetition will work)
  • Examples of how these engagement strategies work in speaking and writing your book
  • More!


The Essentials of Storytelling

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