The moment you need a story – in crafting a speech, a current conversation, writing your book, for example – is the hardest moment to come up with a great story. 

Knowing that story is a compelling way to bring a concept to life, to draw in attention or to make your content even more memorable, you’ll want to have a rich treasure chest of story at the ready. 

This is where your story garden comes in! 

There are ways to invite your brain to bring forth stories from your past or stories you’ve heard from others with abundance. When you do it as a creative exercise, there is very little pressure to get in the way of free flowing ideas. I created this episode so you’ll know exactly how to create your story garden so it’s ready for your next public speaking, book writing or important conversion experience. 

When you listen, you’ll learn:

  • Why I call this your Story Garden and how it helps you to bring forth better stories
  • The reason unexpected stories captivate attention so well
  • How to use three simple prompts to help your brain reveal great stories
  • The materials you’ll need to created a story garden
  • What to do if you start thinking of stories that are unrelated to your prompt 
  • Why creating your story garden when you aren’t under pressure will make using your stories so much more fun and powerful
  • How I started a storytelling circle on a whim and why it changed my life

Story gardens are so fun! You can see pictures of some of my story gardens on my Instagram at Instagram.com/MichelleBarryFranco.I’d love to see yours. Tag me on Instagram and share a picture of it! 


How to Use Storytelling in Your Speaking 


How to Share Your Personal Story in a Way that Serves https://michellebarryfranco.com/2018/06/13/share-personal-story/ 

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