Story has become a buzzword in the business world. While we know we need to tell more stories, and to do it strategically, it’s still mysterious for many how to do that effectively.

There’s no better way to learn the art and best practices of storytelling than to talk with THE storytelling expert, Marsha Shandur OF Yes Yes Marsha. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The best way to start a story to captivate the attention of your audience
  • Cool science around why story is so compelling
  • The biggest mistakes people tend to make when telling stories.
  • How to use story when talking with executive leaders specifically
  • The essential elements of every story
  • Why story is the most graceful way to create credibility and influence
  • How to use storytelling as ethical persuasion



Secret page resources from Marsha: http://yesyesmarsha.com/michelle

Marsha Shandur (of Yes Yes Marsha) believes that storytelling language is the key to ethical persuasion and effective selling. A Storytelling, Communication and Sales Coach and Trainer, she has taught thousands of executives, entrepreneurs and professionals across the world and has had rave reviews from clients like Royal Bank of Canada, HelloFresh, TJX Companies Inc, and Shopify. Before launching Yes Yes Marsha, she spent 15 years working as a Radio DJ, where she gained a powerful understanding of how to tell stories in a way that fosters connection, trust, engagement and loyalty. Her work has been featured in Forbes, the BBC and Mashable.

Discover how to Be Unforgettable, transform the way you think about storytelling and networking — and see Marsha in a LOT of wigs — at YesYesMarsha.com 

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