There is no branding, strategy or re-vamp of your website that will create even half the impact that simply connecting in with your own excited energy in your business will bring. Struggling in business and wondering what to do to solve business problems is normal, but the information about how to get back on track with your business plan and success is so confusing. 

Your business success and enjoyment is dependent on your Hell Yes energy. It’s essential. 

Unfortunately, there is so little about this in the marketing and business planning literature and education. Instead, we’re told to hunker down, work harder, hustle more – sometimes without any regard at all for how connected and energetic we feel about the work we are doing. 

In this conversation, you’ll learn:

  • What is Hell Yes Energy – and how to tap into it more, wherever you are in your business
  • How Hell Yes Energy is one component of three parts to a Hell Yes magnetic offer
  • What often gets in the way of business success – even though it comes from the desire to do the right thing
  • Jess’s story about streamlining her own business in a way that make it so much more exciting for her
  • Stories of business owners who went from frustrated and overwhelmed, to enjoying a successful business, largely based on finding the Hell Yes in their work

Jess Miller is a brilliant business coach and generous, kind human. This conversation is so so good. I can’t wait for you to listen in! 

And don’t forget to take her awesome Magnetic Offer Scorecard Assessment https://your10kformula.com/ ! It’s one of the most robust free resources I’ve seen. 

Jessica Miller helps ambitious entrepreneurs streamline and grow their businesses by creating Hell Yes! offers that sell themselves.   After working with dozens of business owners she has seen that the difference between struggling and thriving is having a Hell Yes Offer at the center of the business.   Jessica has spoken at The StoryBrand Made Simple Summit, The Maine Women's Conference, and several others, and is a favorite guest expert in private high-level masterminds and has been a guest on much-loved podcasts like Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club, and The Next On Scene podcast. Jess is also the host of the It’s Your Offer Podcast.   You can learn more about her at jessicamillercoaching.com.  

Connect with Jess Miller:

https://www.instagram.com/jessicadioguardimiller/  https://www.facebook.com/jessicadioguardimiller  

The Magnetic Offer Scorecard https://your10kformula.com/