Ep 124: How to Get Speaking Gigs Post-Pandemic

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Having received my second vaccine shot, I am thinking more about the future of the speaking industry after this COVID pandemic. It isn’t just me, either friends! I have so many clients asking me new questions about the future. That is why I want to talk with you about getting speaking gigs in the post-pandemic world.

One thing that I really want you to understand is that this pandemic has influenced change. Think about doing both live and online speaking gigs because the virtual aspect of the industry isn’t going away. However, the dawn of this new spring in speaking is also starting to open doors around the country once again.

In today’s episode, I walk with you through three tips that can help you get a jump start as we all start moving forward again. From renewing connections to finding new outlets, this episode is meant to give you direction as you find your way forward again.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to get post-pandemic speaking gigs.
  • Why the evolution of online platforms and events are influential.
  • Ways to start this preparation process right now.
  • How to structure your speaking page on your website.
  • Why it is important to support your audience and other speakers in your industry.

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