I've been on writing retreat so I'm behind on my blog reading. There are certain blogs that just lift me up or make me think or add to my life and business in myriad ways, that I can feel it when I am away from them.

It's hard to keep track of ideas.

Like 37Days, which I only recently discovered (via Twitter, of course, that crazy, crazy place). Patti Digh does these cool themes for different days of the week, which I think is such a clever idea. In fact, I have about ten slips of paper in various spots around my work area of the different themes I plan to employ on my blog only I never get organized enough in my blogging to do the themes. Maybe some day.

Meantime, I dig the places Patti takes me. Especially this one, from last Thinking Thursday where she shares her need for this whiteboard paint.

Seriously, we just painted the interior of our house, and still I cannot wait to get my hands on this stuff.

Get 'em on the outside.

Because I am someone who literally can't know what I am thinking in entirety until it is outside my body. It's like there's just too much going on in my head. It's like when you are in a school cafeteria, or a concert – or one of my family gatherings. There is too much talking, too much raucous, too many people (thoughts) trying to out-shout the other people (thoughts) for the stage.

Writing ideas. Ideas for writing.

In this writing class I am taking, our instructor and others in the class were all sharing the ways that they organize their writing thoughts. Everyone talked about putting them in files, or on index cards and into boxes – one person even suggested putting the notes into little boxes inside of a bigger box. All I could think was, “Then how the hell do you know what they say after you put them away?” For me – put it away and say “buh-bye”.

I wish this weren't true for me because my need to have everything out in the open in order to remember to use it makes for a very messy environment. You should see my desk right now. Add to that the fact that messes make me antsy and you've got yourself a conundrum for creative productivity.

I had no idea there was such a thing as whiteboard paint.

In walks the whiteboard paint. I have two large whiteboards that I take wherever I can reasonably haul them. They are critical parties in my writing and work retreats (Inn Staff Person: Oh, are you hosting a meeting here? Me: No, these are just for me. I'm writing. Inn Staff Person: *perplexed and curious look* Oh.) and I use them often in client meetings. The problem is, they are often holding information that I am  not finished seeing. I struggle regularly with the question: Should I get a third – maybe even a fourth – white board?

I am so painting a wall in my office with whiteboard paint. Thanks, Patti.

I wonder- how do you hold and use your ideas?

Thanks yoz for the whiteboard mayhem.