There's  a difference between a Mompreneur and an entrepreneur who happens to also be a mom. I think it's an important distinction, as we traverse the world of “ideal clients” and “target markets” in creating marketing messaging.

I have three little girls. I adore them, I hang out with them, I take care of them, I love them. I care for them with my husband in an Equally Shared Parenting way.

And I started and run my own business. I spend (way) more than 40 hours of my week working, thinking, strategizing, fantasizing about the possibilities for this business. I express parts of my personality and soul in this work that are simply unrelated to my mothering. This work is not about my being a mother.

I spend even more hours of the week thinking, strategizing, playing, fantasizing, and exploring stuff related to my family, my kids, my marriage, my friends… my overall life.

As far as I can tell, being a mompreneur is about balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship. But isn't that true for father's, too? My husband is an entrepreneur – but no one thinks of him as a dadpreneur (though there have been attempts at pulling together a movement, it seems.) I'm trying to figure out why I need a special label for my entrepreneurial work when he doesn't.

I would venture that I struggle with many of the same things that mompreneurs struggle with, like how to care for the babes when my husband and I both have work commitments and our caregiver is sick. (My husband is struggling with that same thing, not-so-incidentally.) It's possible that our lives look quite similar, overall, actually. But for me, it's a feeling that the mompreneur concept evokes – that being an entrepreneur is somehow a secondary activity to my mothering. That's just not true for me. They are two totally different domains of my life and self-expression, both really important to living my “brazen soul dream.” I want them to have their own spaces and titles.