The December issue of True North Parenting is out. This time I wrote an article on Information Fasting. Check it out, if you’re inspired.

I need to revisit it myself. A bit info overloaded again lately… it comes on so unconsciously, you don't even know it's happening.

Funny story: I’m sitting with an associate in my entrepreneur’s group two days ago, waiting for others to arrive to start our meeting. She has the True North Parenting magazine in front of her, having just closed it when I sat down. We started chatting and somehow got onto the topic of focus. She says, “This woman in this magazine just wrote a whole article about how she put away all her books and gave away her magazines and just made herself stop taking in new information for a while. I totally need to try that.” I was smiling, waiting for her to laugh and acknowledge that it was my article, but she didn’t. I said, “You know that was me who wrote that, right?” (perplexed that she hadn’t admitted to the joke yet.) She was totally shocked! She was just sharing the ideas in the article with me, like a good idea resource. It was very cool. I felt like that scene is When Harry Met Sally when Jess says to Marie during that dinner where they are supposed to actually be hooking up with Sally and Harry, instead of each other, “Oh my Gohd, I have never had anyone quote me to me before!”