Ep 125: Love at the Heart of Inclusion with Nina Everflow

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It is necessary for us to examine ourselves and our businesses regularly, paying special attention to how we reach out to people of diverse backgrounds with what we do.

As a white woman committed to integrity and care in my thought leadership, it was eye-opening and life-changing to start working with Nina Everflow.

Nina is an Inclusive Coach who plays in the space between how adults learn online and how to connect happily and authentically across differences.

We talk about how to help facilitate sustainable change. In particular, we talk about learning to explore and appreciate our own heritage so we can honor the heritage of others. We also discuss how accepted systems have harmed us and others. Most importantly, Nina shares meaningful ways we can create positive change in our lives as well as our businesses.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:
✨ Why you need to let go of perfect and build resilience instead.
✨ How to care for yourself as a thought leader.
✨ Why it is important to create spaces where love and acceptance are the focus.
✨ Why it is essential to understand how racism tears apart communities.
✨ The ripple effect one person can have on their surrounding circle of influence.

I LOVED this conversation with Nina Everflow and I know you will, too! Also, I can't recommend working with Nina Everflow highly enough! 

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