Ep 110: When a Difficult Start Leads to a Brilliant Life with Naketa Thigpen

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Naketa Thigpen’s story will both break your heart and fill you with hope. It’s the JOY and hope that lingers. Beautiful gems of what’s possible arise when you are willing to shatter the internal blocks built through difficult times and thus reveal your brilliance, shining there all along.

This conversation reflects the heart of what Brilliance at Work is all about–clarity, conviction and great work from the center of your being and Naketa is a beautiful example of this in this episode.

About Naketa Thigpen

Naketa R. Thigpen, LCSW, regarded as the #1 Balance & Relationship Advisor in the World, is the President & CEO of ThigPro Balance and Relationship Management Institute, a global personal development company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, that’s revivifying the industry.

A Transformative Empowerment Speaker in demand to lead main stage keynotes, create custom business accelerators, coaching circles, and live retreats, Naketa, and her team set out every day to inspire, equip and empower the willing ambitious women (and a few brave men) who are ready to change the narrative and live fully to thrive in work/life (and love).

Ignited to Activate others, Naketa’s authored several books and workbooks with her latest scribe being her personal transformation book Selfish: Permission to Pause, Live, Love & Laugh Your Way to Joy, that’s already hit Amazon Hot New Release and Best Sellers List in multiple categories! Featured on the Lifestyle Channel, Ask, The CW, CBS, Fox, NBC, Women Taking the Lead, Michele Speaks Radio, International Radio shows and broadcast, recipient of the NAACP award as one of 101 Top Influencers in Philadelphia and NAPW Women of Excellence, Naketa has set her daily intention to empower and motivate the willing and shares lessons, tools and techniques through her weekly Balance Boldly Podcast, Let’s Talk Intimacy Livestream and upcoming internet show, The Intimacy Advantage in Business.

While prioritizing her first ministry to her family, as a wife, mother, and newly appointed charge as g-bunny (grandmother), Naketa has earned several post-graduate certifications, and is active in the community as a mental health & wellbeing advocate, passionate champion for healthy relationships, and marketplace-minister.

For more information, please visit www.thigpro.com or email at admin@thigpro.com.

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