No More Excuses: Take Your Vision Into Real Action

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I believe wholeheartedly in bringing your brilliance. I actually believe it is our responsibility. It's part of the way this whole Universe works. You bring your brilliance, which is different than mine. Your neighbor brings his. My aunt brings hers. Together, we have this finely crafted gorgeous Whole offering, this giant Mosaic (I've got a whole mosaic analogy I'll tell you about sometime.)  If all goes right, I know to go to your neighbor for his brilliance and your neighbor knows to go to my aunt for hers (that's the marketing part.)

This whole Brazen Soul thing is about bringing your brilliance. It's a manifesto, really. I want your big, bold, courageous outward expression of your soul's greatness. I want your neighbor's, too.

I get to work with people one-on-one on building their brilliance into a very cool business and then getting the word out about it. I love that I get to be a part of this divine process. It's heady, exciting. Seeing the energy and fire that arises as a person builds their dream business is immensely inspiring.

But not everyone can afford to partner one-on-one toward their dream business.  I certainly couldn't at first. That's why I am creating The Brazen Soul Program: Vision Into Action. I genuinely want you to have the support you need to bring your brilliance. I need your brilliance – and so does my aunt. And your neighbor. You get what I mean.

So, I decided to take the one-on-one Vision Into Action Partnering Program and make it into a self-study program. I mean, every single little thing I could think to say, ask, or suggest is in this thing. Plus, I built a bunch of additional tools to help you process things further (after all, you are doing this by yourself… you'll need some help traversing the “what am I trying to say here” terrain). There's a special exclusive web page with all kinds of additional customizable downloads.

Right now, the program is at the editor. Then it will go to the designer. I'm not kidding about this thing. This is not one of those printed out transcripts from a teleseminar being called a “program.” This was written and crafted entirely for the purpose of guiding you from Vision to Magnetic Messaging to Action.  That's it. I just really, really want you to build the business of your dreams. For real.

Anyway, it's not done yet. I expect it to be done the first week in March. But I'm too excited to keep waiting for it to be done to tell you about it. So, I'm telling you about it now. And if you are at all excited about this news, then you can go get the program for a way cheaper pre-order price right now. I hope you do. And tell your neighbor about it, too. Because I've been looking for him to do for me that thing he is so brilliant at doing. He needs to get it out there.