Yesterday as our four-year-old “center” daughter and I were driving home from a “date day” including birthday party of one of her preschool friends (a ballet, tea party no less!), I had the thought: This has been a long day…. the good kind of long day. I wonder if she was having a similar feeling because right then she said, “Mama, are you taking a long-cut?” She meant was I taking a long way home, which I sometimes do when I just feel like driving a bit longer. But since I was taking the same route I usually take from that side of town, I wonder if she was expressing a similar feeling… a sense of a longer, more relaxed day in a way.

It got me thinking (later, after all the girls were in bed) about how time feels: days, hours, minutes, weeks. How it's always the same in that a minute is always sixty seconds and a day is always 24 hours, but that's not how time feels. It goes faster and slower – depending on what we're doing and how present we are. The last few months have been full of hours that fling by like minutes and days that pass through almost unnoticed from late nights into early mornings.

That's what I think was behind my sudden noticing of this good kind of long day I was having with my daughter yesterday. It was  a Sunday feeling day – like old Sundays used to feel. I liked it. It reminds me of Gretchen Rubin's (of The Happiness Project) “The days are long, but the years are short” concept. Which also reminds me: you really should watch that video (grab a tissue beforehand)  if you are at all inclined to get lost in the frenzy of life's details at times.

Part of me is thinking I should tie up this post with some connection between all of this parenting stuff and business ownership. After all, this is my business blog here, not my family blog. But you know what? I bet you can do that for yourself, if you need to – connect this concept of presence, enjoying the moment, living peacefully inside of a long day in your soul-driven business. For me, I just really wanted to share with you that feeling I had yesterday of the good kind of long day… and wish that kind of feeling for you sometime this week.