Transforming Underlying Beliefs that Stop You From Speaking

by | Speaking Anxiety

If you want to know what you believe, look around your life.

Our beliefs are the most powerful driver of our behavior. This means we have an awesome opportunity to change the circumstances of our lives just by consciously reframing the beliefs that might be blocking our positive behavior. This is definitely true about our beliefs around speaking and sharing our message.

Evidence of the power of this in your life: Look at different parts of your life – love, work, family, friendship, community involvement, etc.  Make note of how closely aligned your visions for that area of your life are with your current situation. Notice the size of that “gap” – between what you dream possible and the reality of today. Now, check in on your beliefs about what you are capable of making happen in that domain of your life. See how the two are powerfully correlated? (This only works if we are supremely honest with ourselves about our dreams and are willing to look deeply to discover the underlying beliefs we are playing in our minds.)

I think you'll see some exciting evidence for the power of beliefs and their impact in our lives.

The good news is, with concentration and care, we can radically transform our beliefs. When we do this, we have the chance to clear out the muck that is blocking our greatest and most powerful expression.

In this video, which is an excerpt from my Speak So It Matters™ online training program, I walk you through the process of revealing and then transforming underlying beliefs. For some of us (raising my hand here), this is the most important work we ever do in becoming high-impact speakers.