Treat Your Thought Leadership Like a Mission

by | Thought Leadership

Today we talk about your MISSION as a speaker and committed leader in your industry. The video is a bit longer than usual (just by two minutes or so) but I think it’s worth the extra couple of minutes. I’m hoping one of the nuggets I share in this video inspires you to see how powerful you can be through your work if you treat your thought leadership like a mission.

Highlights covered in this video:

  • The experience in my own life that put me on a serious MISSION for my daughters
  • Why you should give your audience your very best stuff (and how that makes the right people excited to hire you)
  • Three ways to be mission-driven in your speaking and thought leadership
  • What I mean by “be willing to look ugly for the mission” (name this book for me, please!)
  • How to naturally attract awesome clients through mission-driven speaking without feeling icky or salesy at all

I’d love to hear what comes up for you after you watch the video. What questions, insights or stories come to mind? Share them with us!