I just did this with a client today and she LOVED it. It broke up some stuckness she had been floundering in for two weeks. (Know what that's like? Yea, me too!)

Here's what you need:

Color pens (everything is better with color!)
8.5 X 11 sheet of blank paper
25 or more index cards
some space to move around on the floor

The first thing you do is draw a box on that sheet of paper and write the issue you are struggling with inside that box – nice and big, so you can see it from a distance. Then, set that sheet of paper down in front of you on the floor, as you stand above it. Move your feet so that you are actually standing inside that box (even if it's just your toes that are inside the box).

Now, take some steps outside that box (get it – you are literally moving OUTSIDE the box?!) toward the upper right corner.

As you move in that direction, simply ask yourself: what options might be available from this angle? What things are possible over here? Let your mind go in any direction it wants. As things come up, jot them down on index cards – nice and big. Set that idea on the card down in that area where you are standing. Do this at least 3 times in that same spot, moving a bit if you feel stuck.

Then, move to another corner of the paper and repeat the same process, allowing as many ideas as possible to flow out from your mind and onto those index cards.

After you have done this in each corner of the paper, go back to that first corner where you have all those cards on the floor. Stand on one of those idea cards. Any new related ideas come to you? If so, write that down and set it near that card. Repeat until you feel like you have revealed all of the ideas your brain can rain onto the floor.

Now – step back and take a look. What do you see? Themes? Surprising new directions? Ideas for exploration? Ideas that feel totally wrong? (Check out the image above of one I created as an example) Pick and move the cards as you see useful until you feel like you have a great new unstuck place from which to make your next move.

Enjoy the unstuckedness!!