Ep #71: Want to Land a TEDx Talk? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Giving a TEDx Talk is a bucket list item for so many speakers, but how to land one feels like such a mystery.

But here’s the thing: it works like pretty much everything else. 

People have to know about you, they have to trust you, they have to believe what you have to say will light up their audience/lives.

All while making them look good and drawing in an audience.

That’s a lot of elements though, right?

That’s why in today’s podcast episode we’ll be diving into the nitty gritty about what you want to have in place when you apply for a TEDx talk. 

I'll be sharing the essentials that will dramatically increase your chances of landing a TEDx Talk, so I hope you’ll tune in if giving a TEDx talk is a dream of yours, too!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Understanding why are you doing this and the various elements that go into applying for a TEDx talk
  • Discovering how and why TEDx events are not the same as other speaking gigs
  • How to best understand the audience of the TEDx you’ll be applying too
  • Why flexibility will come in handy as you may need to shift your topic for different event/themes.

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