It took me a long time to really get it what I sell in my business.

At first I thought I sold communication coaching and consulting. Then I thought I sold marketing expertise. Then I thought I sold the tools to getting more clients. At various times I would have had visioning, listening, powerful & authentic communication, self-expression… all kinds of things that probably don't sound that useful/interesting/needed to you.

It's not that all of those things aren't important. I know that they are. But now I really get it that these aren't the things my clients are looking for when they seek out The Brazen Soul. While details and intricacies vary, mostly they are looking for two things:

Clarity and Confidence.

They want to crystallize their strengths/passion/brilliance into a viable business with sparkly-clear marketing messages (though they might not say it that way at all) and they want the confidence to offer up those services in ways that magnetize clients/customers to their door.

We vision, brainstorm, inquire deeply… all kinds of things to get there. In the ideal scenario they are excited to get out and public-speak on behalf of their expertise, in which case we put together their Expert Speech to share with the world. (Talk about the epitome of Clarity and Confidence – and an amazing client-magnet activity!) Regardless of whether they are ready to go out and do presentations to help share the wealth of their expertise or not, it is the Clarity and Confidence that eases their pain, meets their desire, let's them sleep at night (put in there whatever phrase your marketing coach/mentor/guide has given you to assess your offer.)

Someone lovely (I wish I could remember who so I could link them here… it was a while ago) reminded me that Kodak doesn't sell film, they sell memories. That so illustrates it for me every time I remind myself of it.

So, what do you really sell?


Thank you, wonderferret, for The Love Sale photo on Flickr.